About 1st Equity Bank

In the banking world, there are various banking options available.  It could be tough to determine which type is the best bank for your needs.  There are three main forms of banks; large national banks, regional banks and small community banks.  1st Equity Bank, a true community bank, has offered its services in the Skokie area since 1997.  Although the 21st century is quickly being taken over by technology, 1st Equity Bank can guarantee one-on-one services the good, old fashioned way.

At 1st Equity Bank, we pride ourselves on our personalized service.  We stress the importance of personal attention, beginning with providing a live voice to answer the phones.   You will receive friendly and professional service from the staff at 1st Equity Bank.  Come by and you will learn the benefits of banking with us.  If there is something that we can’t help you with, we will assist you in finding the solution that works.  

We are pleased to serve our community.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office and we will do the best to serve your needs.