Measuring the Energy Savings of our Green Initiative

The U.S. Department of energy defines a net-zero energy building as a residential or commercial property that produces and exports at least as much renewable power as it uses in a year.  Net-zero energy buildings are constructed with two key features:

  • Energy-efficient technologies that reduce energy demand.
  • Renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, that supply at least as much energy as the building uses over the course of a year. 

1st Equity Bank has made energy efficiency and sustainable building practices an important part of its corporate culture.  We are on our way to becoming net zero.  As noted above, this is accomplished by the combination of sustainable energy practices and sustainable energy sources.  1st Equity Bank is currently under renovation. The source used to produce the energy at the bank come in the form of solar panels, which line the roof as well as the outer walls of the structure itself. These panels will eventually collect enough energy to be converted and used for the variety of energy-efficient appliances in the building. This will include all of the computers as well as the electrical system.  This means that the energy produced by the building will ultimately equal the energy used.

1st Equity Bank is going a step further.  Those with electrically powered cars will be able to benefit from the car charging ports, soon-to-be installed in the 1st Equity Bank parking lot.

1st Equity Bank has made it their mission to move toward a better, environmentally friendly future.